Interview with Marco Lang : Windsurfer Pro and Product Developer at DUOTONE

  • Champion's Corner: Interviews with Inspiring Sport Professionals
  • By Marco Lang
  • Published on July 31

How did you initially get involved in windsurfing?

I am coming from Austria, famous for snow and mountains, so Austrians are more into sport and adventures in the alps. But Austria has also some beautiful lakes surrounded by the alps. My grandfather was a passionate windsurfer, and I was happy that I could spend a lot of time with my grandparents, who had a little flat next to Lake Traun, which is famous in the Austrian windsurfing scene.

Until I was 7 years old, I was only paddling on the windsurfing board, but when I turned 8, I received my first windsurfing sail, and from that moment, I was so hooked with that sport that nothing and nobody could stop me anymore. I wanted to spend as much time as I could on my windsurfing equipment.

What was the path you took from a young age to achieve top 10 results in the PWA World Tour?

It was always a dream for me to become a professional windsurfer. But that goal seemed so far away in my mind because many people always told me: 'Marco, try to become a professional skier or football player. Becoming a windsurfer as an Austrian is impossible.' So, I never really followed my dreams to become a professional windsurfer.

The turning point came when the PWA (Professional Windsurfers Association) organized an event at Lake Neusiedler in 2009. Initially, I didn't have any big expectations; I just wanted to take part and have some fun. However, as the competition progressed, I started showing some solid results, and that's when I knew I wanted more. I was determined to prove to the world that even as an Austrian, I could be among the top windsurfers globally. Despite not being the youngest competitor, my motivation was stronger than ever. I worked hard, and that dedication paid off, helping me achieve my goal of reaching the top 10 in the World Windsurfing ranking.

What can you tell us about Duotone?

Duotone has the ambition to build the most innovative equipment for wind and water sports. As industry trailblazers, Duotone continues to lead with a commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering unmatched performance on the waves.

What led you to become a product developer for Duotone?

In 2014, I had the first contact with our sail designer, Kai Hopf. He invited me to Maui to help him develop the warp Fin. That experience got me so hooked on product development. I loved working on products and witnessing their progress. I always say that it feels the same when a client gives me great feedback about our sail products as it does when I win a World Cup on Sylt.

Can you explain your job as a product developer at Duotone?

It's a good mix between sitting in the office and being on the water testing some new prototypes. I am not only responsible for the sails, but I also test all the components to have the complete rig, such as masts, booms, and extensions.

What are your favorite spots for windsurfing?

My favorite spots for windsurfing are at home on Lake Traun and in Cape Town.

What are your favorite windsurfing products?

I particularly love the E Pace SLS and BLAST SLS.

Duotone is affiliated with watersports schools worldwide; do you think Sportiwork would be a valuable resource for coaches, athletes, and anyone looking to find job opportunities at these schools?

Currently, we have more than 14 Pro Centers around the world. I think is a great tool for everyone who wants to find their perfect job.

Do you have any recommendations or tips for the new generation coming to windsurf?

Believe in yourself and in your dreams, keep fighting until you are standing on top.

ℹ️ For more information about Marco Lang and his windsurfing journey, you can visit the DUOTONE website or follow Marco on Instagram.