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Diving Deeper in the Benefits of our Plans

You can start by posting a free job post, or directly unlock a world of possibilities with the Promoted or Professional Plans! 🌊 Let's take a peek at what's in store:

πŸ‘ Standard Job Posting

🏒 Company Career Page

  • Establish your presence in the water sports community with a dedicated career page that showcases your offerings.

πŸ“£ Job Alert for Candidates

  • Reach potential candidates as soon as you publish your offer! Our candidates are subscribed to job alerts tailored to their job search, and they receive an email when new offers match their search criteria.

🌐 Distributed on Google Jobs Network

  • Being published on Sportiwork is a great start, but we also publish your offers on Google Jobs Network to grant you maximum visibility across the web. We ensure your opportunities reach a wider audience.

πŸ”₯ Promoted Job Posting

🌟 Featured Job Listings

  • Make your listings stand out and catch the eye of job seekers who are passionate about water sports.

Stellar Jobs example job posts

🎯 Company Logo on Home Page

  • Showcase your brand prominently on the Sportiwork home page, attracting job seekers to your unique offerings.

Stellar Jobs example featured company

πŸ“’ Social Media Promotion

  • We'll spread the word about your job openings on various social media platforms, giving your opportunities maximum exposure.

πŸš€ Professional Plan

πŸš€ Unlimited Job Postings

  • Post as many water sports job opportunities as you need, without limitations.

πŸ•’ Active Until Filled

  • Your job listings will stay active until you find the perfect match, giving you the time you need to reel in the right talent.

🎣 Headhunting Services

  • Let us do the hunting for you! Our headhunting services help you find top-tier candidates who align perfectly with your needs.

✍️ Job Description Improved with AI

  • Crafting compelling job descriptions can be challenging, yet it's crucial for attracting the best candidates. We've streamlined the process: you provide bullet points, and our AI optimize, clarify and enhance the job description to boost your team's hiring success.

πŸ“ Resume Database Access

  • Dive into a sea of resumes and discover the talent that's ready to embark on their water sports career journey. No more sifting through irrelevant resumes! You get contact info, complete resume, and you can search profiles by qualifications, certifications, skills or achievements.

πŸ’₯ Camp Promotion and Boosting

  • If you're running water sports camps, we'll help you promote and boost your Camp / Clinic for maximum attendance.

Find the pricing tiers that suits your hiring need

  • Basic Job Posting: Dip your toes in and post your first job for free. Ideal for one-off hiring needs and getting a taste of Sportiwork's power.
  • Promoted Job Posting: Take it up a notch with extended exposure and premium features at an affordable rate. Perfect for small teams with expanding requirements.
  • Professional Plan: For those serious about finding the best talent, our monthly subscription plan offers unlimited job postings, extended post durations, and access to our extensive resume database.

We're not just about connecting you with candidates; we're your partners in crafting a seamless hiring process. Our services include refining your job ads, promoting your club or sport camp, and even personalized headhunting tailored to your needs.

Frequent Questions

How is working the subscription to the Professional Plan?

πŸ‘‰ This is a quarterly subscription that grants you all the benefits of our best hiring plan for the next 3 months. You are free to cancel or pause your subscription at any time, when you filled all your positions or no longer need to recruit.

More questions? Feel free to ask at contact@sportiwork.com

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